About Al Mari Anni

Al Mari Anni is a family’s pride and that pride we want to share with everyone. You must admit, family is the most valuable 
thing human can have, and something created together has its own, special value. Family is a sense of unity and belonging. 
Rapidly developing family-owned business was founded in 2012. The sense of family unity, support, entrepreneurial spirit 
and commitment are the qualities that have helped to build a stable and sustainable company. 

You probably have an old recipe that you are cooking with the whole family, enjoying unsurpassed taste?
Al Mari Anni has several and each of them is unique in its kind. Al Mari Anni team strives to give to its customers
the most sumptuous, delicious and qualitative chocolate goods. Al Mari Anni offers Premium-class chocolate,
which is hand-made from natural and high-qualitative raw materials.

Despite relatively young age of the company, Al Mari Anni managed to declare itself not only on the Latvian market,
 but in Europe as well. We have a comparatively wide range with the possibility to countless variations.
Always open to any of your ideas and proposals.

After all, client is a friend, who we want to treat with the best, with whom we want to share our achievements.